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Ever since I left my City job back in 2015, I have been making my writing dream a reality.

I've been blogging for 5 years, and run an online community for introverts. This is the first book I'm publishing and I've made the conscious choice to self-publish.

Writing isn't easy, publishing is harder still, and self-publishing is a route that largely feels unknown and confusing.

Until now.

Inside The Indie Author, you'll find honest interviews with self-published authors across all genres.

Whether you're working towards book #1, or have published several already, there is something in this book for every writer, however you've published (or not) in the past.

The indie era has arrived.

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Even though it's been "a thing" for a while, the world of self-publishing still feels, well, a little strange and unfamiliar... mysterious, even.

This is the book about indie publishing that I felt needed to exist. Just honest accounts of writers who have successfully gone indie.

You'll find interviews with authors of fiction, poetry and non-fiction. With full-time authors, part-time authors, and everything in between...

Whether you're working towards book #1, or have published already, there is something in this book for every writer.

The indie era has arrived.

And this book will help you get closer to that writing dream of yours, whatever that looks like.

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Hey, I'm Jas.

I'm passionate about being a solopreneur, making money from writing, living with intention, and all things indie. #freedom

I also enjoy: reading (of course), tennis, nourishing conversations & being outdoors.

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The Indie Author is scheduled for release in late 2020.

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